My Old Shoes

It has always been my dream to travel the world. As a little girl, I had this bucket list of cities that I wanted to visit when I grow up. The one city that came on top of that list was Paris. I was crazy about Paris! The idea of going to Paris and sitting... Continue Reading →

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Girls Night Out

Throughout my entire life I think I've only put on proper full makeup when going to someone's wedding, which to be honest, doesn't happen quite often. So when I got invited to attend a VIP beauty event for KISS products, I won't lie to you, it was pretty scary. My fashion/makeup/beauty game is not exactly... Continue Reading →

The Media Dominates

Have you ever read a newspaper and wondered how the news 'coincidentally' fits in the exact number of pages everyday? It has baffled me for many years as to how do newspapers have this mysterious way of maintaining the exact amount of news on every single paper they sell! This year when I started my University... Continue Reading →

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