Letter to my future daughter

Dear future daughter,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I may not have much experience in life but let me give you some advice on what I know and have seen in this world.

First off, know your worth. Know you are important. Know you are precious and loved in more ways than one. And most importantly, know that you are capable of achieving whatever you set your mind up to. And if anybody tells you can’t do something; you prove them wrong!

Know you are beautiful. Whether you are white, black, Asian, short, tall, thin, overweight, have silky hair, have curly hair…etc, you are you and that is beautiful! And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

Travel the world! Meet new people. Learn all about different cultures. There is no better way to learn. It’s a therapy for the mind and soul. You’ll find beauty wherever you go.

Know that home, is where the people you love are. From my experience, it’s never about the place, it’s always the people that make the place worthwhile. You may find the need to belong, to a home, a country, maybe even a group of people, so choose wisely where you belong and be careful not to get your heartbroken by a place you called home.

Know that family is the most important thing in life, they’re your backbone and support system, so don’t lose your family for anything or anyone.

Know that your religion is important, but god made us brains for a reason, so don’t believe everything you’re told without thinking carefully. God is not cruel, and a religion that is not about peace and humanity is not something you should believe in.

Respect people, respect differences, and have an open mind. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover. You’d be surprised how many times you’ve judged someone and turned out to be wrong. At the end of the day we are all human.

Know that you are a free woman and you can make your own choices in life. You are allowed to do what you want, to say what you want, and to act the way you want. As long as you are not hurting anyone with your actions, you’re a free bird. So never let yourself be kept in a cage.

Stand up for what you believe in. Whether it’s a thought, or a person, or even your own self. Never be afraid of vague threats, most of the time they’re acts of weakness. Be confident. Confidence is scary, it’s intimidating to lots of people, but it’s the key to success.

Learn how to love. Love the place, love the people, but don’t forget to love yourself.

May the world be less cruel by the time you arrive. May people learn to be more kind and tolerant. May you never witness a day of sadness or sorrow. May you be a strong woman and a powerful role model. May you thrive and fly in your own skies.

With love,

Your future mother



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