Seven world renowned Journalists/Media figures to idolize

Growing up, I’ve always been the kid who likes to watch the news more than cartoon. Some Journalists and media figures have had a huge impact on my decision to be a journalist. Whether it is by how they made their way to greatness from the scratch or if they fought for freedom of speech, they have all inspired me in a way. In here, is a list of some of my favorites:

1- Christiane Amanpour


(Credits: David Shankbone,

The British-Iranian Journalist proved to be one of the few fearless Journalists there are. She is famous for her brilliant coverage of important political conflicts such as the Gulf War and the Bosnian War. She hosts a show on CNN called Amanpour. She has done interviews with some of the most famous world leaders such as the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former French President Jacques Chirac, Iranian presidents Mohammad Khatami and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

2- Robert Fisk


(Credits: Sofyan El Bouchtili,

The English Journalist/Writer has been a Middle East correspondent in the Arab world for over 40 years. Covering conflicts in Lebanon, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Algeria, Kuwait, and the 2011 Arab revolutions. He Occasionally described himself as an ‘Ottoman correspondent’ because of the huge area he covers,  He has written best-selling books on the Middle East, such as Pity the Nation and The Great War for Civilization. (The Independent, 2017)

3- Yosri Fouda


(Credits: Engima magazine)

Fouda is an Egyptian born Journalist/Writer. He is most famous for his interviews with the September 11 figures, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi bin al-Shibh. He has published many books such as ‘Masterminds of Terror’, and ‘Capture or Kill: The Pursuit of the 9/11 Masterminds and the Killing of Osama bin Laden’ which were both co-written alongside the British investigative journalist Nick Fielding.

4- Oprah Winfrey


(Credits: Greg Hernandez,

You can’t really talk about the media without mentioning “The Queen of all Media” Oprah Winfrey. For years she has been the idol of so many women all over the world and she has changed the lives of thousands of people through her television show. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by former USA President Barack Obama. She starred in some films and was nominated for an Academy award for he role in ‘The Color Purple’. She has her own radio channel and magazine and has co-written several books.

5- Jon Stewart


(Credits: Peabody Awards,

The American comedian and television host had been a huge influence because of his satire show “The Daily Show” that often criticized the American media and politicians. He has written many books, one of which ‘Naked Pictures of Famous People’ was a New-York Times bestseller.

6- Bassem Youssef


(Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

The Egyptian satirist was originally a cardio-thoracic surgeon. However, at the time of the January revolution in Egypt, he started his own video channel with a thread of comedy criticizing videos of the Egyptian media. His show ‘Al-bernameg’ grew bigger and bigger and he was named the first ever satirist of his kind in the Arab world. He was compared to the American Jon Stewart and he often mentioned how he idolized Stewart and even made an appearance on his show in 2012.

7- Diane Sawyer


(Credits: David Shankbone,

Sawyer is an American T.V. Journalist. She is one of the most influential journalists in the world. She has delivered in-depth and breaking news reports from around the world, and has conducted interviews with almost every major news-maker of our time. Her documentaries have won critical acclaim for shedding light on difficult and under-reported topics. (ABC News, 2015)


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