Who are you when nobody’s watching?

I read those words on a picture a few years ago. They immediately got into my head and made me think immensely,  who am I when nobody’s watching?!

I’ve always had this theory that nobody really knew who I am, what my personality was really like, not even me I guess.

Every person I have ever met has made an assumption, sometimes based on facts, as to who I am as a person. I’ve had friends who thought I was the most hilarious person they’ve ever met, others who thought comedy was not exactly my game. Friends who knew me for being a popularity queen, others who believe in their core I am the shyest, most timid person on Earth.

Some took me for a deep, intellectual thinker, others have only seen the silly side of me.

The truth is, I am all of those things. I am funny, when in the mood for it, and un-amusing when stuck in the wrong crowd. I am both confident and shy, and I am simultaneously deep and silly.

But the question remains, who am I when nobody’s watching?

The answer simply is, I don’t know!

I believe everybody’s life has a meaning, a purpose. Ever since I started asking myself the question of who I am, I have dedicated my life to answering that question.

I also believe everybody has the power to choose an answer to that question, you get to choose who you are, who you really want to be, how do you want people to know you.

At the moment, I like to think of myself as a woman of faith, faith in God, faith in dreams, faith in a better, brighter future.

And you, who are you when nobody’s watching?


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