Brutally Judgmental

Did you ever laugh so hard at a meme making fun of someone on social media? Whether that certain someone was doing something seen as ‘stupid’ or not!

Did you ever think what the person you’re laughing at and picking on feels about that meme?

A couple of weeks ago I saw a picture of a girl and her friend (who happens to be a male), the girl wrote a post on Facebook about how that friend got her a gift and surprised her with it at her front door because she wasn’t feeling well.

She posted her reaction to her timeline where she publicly said she appreciated their long term friendship and went on about how friends are a crucial necessity to be happy.

Her post went viral with thousands of views, and accompanying all the fame was harsh backlash. Most of the comments were pointing out the fact that despite his presumably romantic efforts, she “FRIEND-ZONED” him awkwardly.

Eventually, after reading all the comments, the huge amount of judgmental comments left her depressed and overwhelmed.

She later posted about how sad the comments made her feel and that all the judgment shook their friendship.

People laughed and had fun tagging friends, not knowing that they were hurting someone’s feelings in the process.

Moral of the story, think twice before you re-post or even just write a judgmental comment on social media because words do kill, even if they are virtual!

Header image credits: Joe Penna,


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