Go to places in UK to get away from the stress

As a journalism student, sometimes the stress just kicks in with the work I have to do and all the due dates I have to meet that I just need to get away from all of it and relax for a day or two. As a foreigner to the UK I have been doing some adventures trying to discover new places in the country and I have discovered some beautiful spots where one could just sit back and relax or even go do something interesting and fun away from all the stress.


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The landscape in all of Scotland is mesmerizing. Edinburgh is known for the beautiful hills and green scenery that is so relaxing. It would be a great getaway for a weekend.


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Its a small city near Manchester but its full of things to do. From parks to Ice-cream farms, its really cozy and a great place if you have kids. P.S. it also has a lovely zoo.


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It still is my very favorite city in all of UK. It may be busy but the amount of fun you can have in London is huge. The museums and touristic places are endless. My very favorite thing in London was the ferry rides down the river Thames, specially at night when the whole city is lit, absolutely beautiful!

Northern Ireland

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(Credits: Meriam Haleem)

The mix of the greenery on the ground and the beautiful blue skies is just dazzling! It makes an amazing relaxing getaway.


Stay tuned for my future adventures which will come with a new list of places and more pictures πŸ™‚


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