Weirdest comments/questions I was asked as an Egyptian Muslim in the UK!


As an Egyptian, hijab wearing Muslim, living in the UK, I believe I have heard the weirdest ever questions about my Arabic background and my religion. Some questions are legit smart and make me do some research to actually find an answer, while some just leave me laughing out loud!

1-The number one most popular question is; do you have a camel back home?

giphy (1)


The closest I’ve ever been to a camel was in a zoo. And no we don’t move around using camels and we don’t all have a camel in our backyards!

2- It must be hard moving from a country that’s mostly a desert then coming to Europe right?


Credits: Maher Najm,


Credits: Pietro Ferreira,

The shock on lots of peoples’ faces after I show them pictures of Cairo or Alexandria (The two places where I lived in Egypt) is priceless! Because guess what? We don’t live in a desert after all!

3- Do you speak Hieroglyphic? 

giphy (2)



You bet I do!

4- You wear Pharaonic outfits in special occasions right?

giphy (4)

Now that’s what I call a fashion statement! And because lots of people truly believe in that myth, the answer is NO, we don’t wear Pharaonic outfits anywhere.

5- Aaanndd the one that never gets old; Do you live/Are you all buried in a Pyramid?

giphy (5)



Errrmm; no..

6- Did your dad ever see your hair? 

giphy (6)



I don’t even have a comment!

7- Muslim girls who wear hijab wear it to hide their hair when it’s ugly.

giphy (7)



Honey if I let down my wavy, shiny, chestnut hair, I’d steal the show!

In the end, a bit of research never hurt anybody! I may laugh at almost all of those questions when being asked them seriously! However, some of them are quite offensive and not everyone will take it lightly!



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